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Smelt’s training program is developed to give glass enthusiast an opportunity to get an introduction to the basics of glass blowing; for fun or for the serious who may wish to pursue a career in glass.

The course covers a wide variety of blowing techniques, design principles, and studio management. The trainee will have the chance to work with qualified glass blowers and trainers. In addition to making their own pieces the trainee will have the opportunity to design a more difficult glass piece which a Smelt glass blower will produce for them.

We recommend that interested parties start with our glass blowing experience where we assist one to make a paper weight or wire mould piece.

After this one can enrol for a group workshop, followed by our more intense 10 level training program.

For the more serious enthusiast we have a 10 level individual training program. Each level consists of four weekly 2 hour slots, one a week over a month. Participation in two group workshops is a prerequisite for enrolling for the individual training program. Each level builds on the skills learnt in the previous level. One needs to book for a minimum of 2 levels at a time, but can book for up to 5 levels at a time. The course is developed to suit students with different time frames.


For more info contact Martli Jansen Van Rensburg

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